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Meet LaVondilyn

Love for Good Food & a Penchant for Flavor!

Born and raised on the dirt roads in the heart of James Island, South Carolina, with a legacy of finger-lickin' country cookin', LaVondilyn has a love for good food and a penchant for flavor. "Good food is a way of life...and being a country girl at heart, everything I eat has to be comforting, satisfying and full of flavor!"

And, although now a Vegetarian, and far from her roots of Southern cuisine, she still prefers her healthy food to be slow cooked and flavorful. Even her granola is flavor-packed. She takes the time to grind organic spices fresh because it packs a better punch. Sh also adds citrus zest, essential oils, and pure extracts to heighten the flavor in each bite. "Flavor is everything!" she says. "If you don't close your eyes and smile when you eat my granola, I've not done it right."

LaVondilyn's love of food and cooking began at the heels of her mother, who cooked every single day for her and her sister, and often for neighbors, friends and extended family. That at-home training, and hours and hours watching her favorite chefs on The Food Network gave her just what she needed to hone her skills and develop her palate. 

Her 20-year cooking background includes a brief stint as a consultant with The Pampered Chef, Executive Chef at a local meal prep company, and then several years as the Personal Chef of her own meal delivery company "Cornbread Country", where she prepared Southern favorites, packaged them up and delivered to families and businesses all over Charleston, SC. 

These days, as a published author, weekday podcast host and Bible Teacher, most of her time is spent tirelessly serving the faith-based community. But, food is and will always be her passion! "Food is such a huge part of my life. Cooking is therapy and eating is happiness. That will never change!" says, LaVondilyn.


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