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The Best Granola Your Yogurt has Ever Had!

Great ingredients, deliciously addictive, and loaded with flavor!

About Our Granola

Welcome to "The Granola Bar" by Hunger & Thirst!


Our granola is made with organic rolled oats, organic spices, and raw nuts. And, depending on the flavor you choose, it is sweetened with either raw honey, organic coconut sugar or 100% pure, organic maple syrup. We pride ourselves in using excellent, high quality ingredients - like raw cacao and nutmeg pods we grind ourselves, 60% cacao premium chocolate chips, organic coconut flakes, and even dried fruits with no artificial stuff added. We go out of our way to make good ingredient choices for you. And, when you eat our granola, you will taste the difference! When it comes to preparing food, using high quality ingredients always leads to high quality taste! This is the best granola your yogurt has ever had...give it a try ;)

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The Heart of the Chef

LaVondilyn Watson San Kits, personal chef

While watching her mother (the best cook in the world) and her favorite chefs on The Food Network, LaVondilyn honed her skills and developed her palate. Her love of food and passion for flavor has taken her from doing home shows selling cooking tools, to serving as the executive chef at a local food prep company, to cooking in her own commercial kitchen, and to now shipping her addictive granola nationwide...

#GranolaLovers Testimonials


Tasty granola, that's full of flavor, and packed with good stuff - protein, fiber, energy, good fats. Plus, it has no artificial flavors, and it's sweetened with organic coconut sugar, raw honey or 100% maple syrup. What's not to love?! Take a look at what our #GranolaLovers all over the USA are saying about their new favorite snack! As you'll soon see, they all have their "favorite" go-to here to read their reviews! 

Do you love granola? Looking for tasty, wholesome snacks for the family?

It's hard to find good snacks that aren't loaded with refined sugar and artificial ingredients. If you're anything like me, you want to still snack and enjoy a little something sweet without all the guilt. You actually want what's best for your body. Well, granola has great fiber and good carbs - it will fuel your body, and satisfy that sweet tooth craving at the same time. Nice, right? Plus, our granola has added protein, so it will make you feel fuller a little longer! (Who doesn't want that?) Our granola is the best your yogurt has ever had! And your smoothie bowls are going to jump for joy! Wait, can smoothie bowls jump? Probably not, but you get the point right? It's GOOD! Join our #GranolaLovers below and get coupon codes and updates right in your email inbox!

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